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Top 5 reasons parents want their children to study abroad

Improving language skills

Studying in a new country is the best way to be exposed to a new language. For almost half the parents considering a university education abroad for their children, the acquisition of foreign language skills was their primary motivation.

Thrive in a competitive international work environment

Today’s businesses are becoming increasingly international, and, to be competitive, applicants need to speak multiple languages and have international work experience on their CV. By sending your child on a study abroad, you’ll give them a head-start on the cultural and language skills they’ll need to excel and flourish in any situation.

Gaining new skills and confidence

Feeling comfortable speaking a new language in a new city and meeting people from around the world can seem daunting, but, ultimately, it’s an experience that will leave your child more comfortable speaking and writing in their new language, confident in an international setting, and ready to take on new academic and professional challenges.

Cultural exchange

Being able to effectively understand and interact with people across cultures is integral to a successful global career. By being more aware of their own worldview and understanding cultural differences, your child will gain valuable knowledge about effective communication in an international environment.

Career success

The international education system’s practical, hands-on learning style gives students a head start in the workforce. Graduates gain internationally recognised qualifications and valuable personal skills such as the ability to think critically, communicate well, and lead a team; a well-rounded combination valued by global employers.

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