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With so many courses to choose from and so many places to go, how do I select the right course? Should I study English? What are the benefits of entering a foundation year? Should I look at commencing a bachelor degree or a diploma? What post-graduate study options are the best? Should I find a college near to me so my family can easily visit me? Or maybe I need to move far from home so I can become more independent and have more opportunities to travel? Perhaps I should study in a big city with all the excitement associated with a large city? Or should I go to a smaller place that does not have all the attractions but is safe and friendly? Which is better for me: USA, Australia, UK, Canada or Ireland? 

There are many things to consider when choosing a place to study.

Location is one of the most important factors that affect your choice of university. Before selecting a university and calling it home for the next few years, a student must take into consideration:

Location and time zone

Is the country I am moving to easily accessible to me and family who would visit me?

For many Asian students, studying in Australia has benefits such as being in the same time zone as home, not too far to travel to and is safe and friendly. Other considerations include:

  • The local town/city in which the university is located.
  • Facilities and infrastructure of the surrounding areas.
  • Connectivity with airport and other major cities.
  • Distance of the university campus from the city centre.
  • Places of social interest in the surrounding areas.
  • Availability of student accommodation.
  • All these factors can have a direct or indirect impact on your overall quality of life and the study abroad experience as an international student.

Other students are keen to have a campus experience which is totally different from anything they have experienced before. Studying in a cold climate, being able to travel to different countries during the term breaks and meeting people from different cultures are all factors to consider.

University Rankings

Consulting university rankings is a great way to find out about the teaching and research quality of universities. University league tables provide yearly rankings for overall university performance based on several parameters such as:

  • Teaching Quality.
  • Research Output.
  • Student Staff Ratio.
  • Graduate Employability.
  • Student Satisfaction.

Universities are also ranked for specific subjects which means students can shortlist the best university options for their subject of interest.

Graduate Employability

Enhanced employability and industry readiness are major learning outcomes sought by international students. Universities with strong industry affiliations can provide better opportunities for internships, work placements and prepare students for future job markets and a university’s reputation with employers helps to add value to their CV, improving their graduate recruitment opportunities. Choosing a big university or one with a ‘brand’ does not necessarily help future job prospects.


In general, living in a large city in Australia, Europe or North America is more expensive than in a smaller city.  Choosing a smaller city where the rent, cost of living and daily expenses are reasonable makes sense for many students.  Opportunities for part time work, affordable transportation and a friendly and supportive education environment are also things to consider.

Educare’s experienced education consultants help students navigate the complexities of which course to study, where to study, how long to study, what is the best value?

Looking forward to study, work, and live abroad?

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